Can You Use Lee Seven5 Filters With a Fuji 10-24mm Lens?

Can You Use Lee Seven5 Filters With a Fuji 10-24mm Lens?
This was the question I asked myself over and over again when deciding whether to buy the new Fuji 10-24mm lens or just go with the smaller 14mm instead.
I had already bought, and was using the Lee Seven5 system with my 18-55mm lens and was loving it’s small size after using the 100mm system on my old Canon 5D Mk2.
I knew the Seven5 would vignette at 10mm for sure, but how much.
In the end I decided to go for it and bought the 10-24mm, reasoning that most wide landscape shots are not (or at least shouldn’t) taken at 10mm anyway. I normally prefer to reserve 10mm for the images that truly need it, as a landscapes shot at this extreme wide angle often tend to be devoid of any interest.
I’ve now been using the 10-24mm and Lee Seven5 for a few months and I’m happy with the combination. Yes I’d prefer if there were no vignetting but on the whole I’ve learnt to live with the limitations.
I actually went to the trouble of buying another holder so I could have one holder with 2 solt and one holder with 1 slot which helps with the vignetting.
In the following series of images I have attempted to show what the vignetting looks like at various focal lengths, with and without the Lee polariser.

2 Slots @ 10mm
Here you can see the edges of the holder very clearly.

2 Slots @ 12mm
At 12mm the vignetting has gone.

1 Slot @ 10mm
At 10mm with only one slot there is no vignetting.

2 Slots @ 12mm + Lee Polariser
Here you can see the edges of the filter very clearly.

2 Slots @ 14mm + Lee Polariser
Here you can just see the edges of the filter. Using 15mm would solve this.

1 Slot @ 12mm + Lee Polariser
Here you can see the edges of the filter very clearly.

1 Slot @ 14mm + Lee Polariser
At 14mm with only one slot there is no vignetting.

In Summary, the usable range is:

2 slots Min 12mm
2 slots + pol Min 15mm
1 slot Min 10mm
1 slot + pol Min 14mm

I hope this simple post has given you some useful information if your thinking about the 10-24mm lens and the Lee Seven5.
If you are certain you want to use all focal lengths with more than one slot and a polariser then I’m afraid the 100mm system is your only option (just be prepared for it taking up more room than the camera).
By the way, I’ve also tried the Cokin P series holder and that (surprisingly) vignetted just as bad as the Seven5.

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13 Responses to Can You Use Lee Seven5 Filters With a Fuji 10-24mm Lens?

  1. Ray says:

    Hi, thanks for the great info! Did you just unscrew and remove one slot from the regular w slots holder to make it one slot? Thanks!

  2. Yes. To make the regular 2 slot holder into a one slot holder, it’s simply a case of undoing the four screws and removing one of the slots.

  3. Bill Allsopp Photography says:

    Hi Richard, I stumbled across your website and then your blog after finding an image of your on Loop that has an uncanny resemblance to one of mine at Thornham. It seems we have much in common with our kit etc. but I was particularly interested to find this post about 7-5 vignetting on the 10-24; I also considered getting a one slot filter holder as that seems a better bet than remembering to swap the 100mm filters from my Canon bag to the Fuji one.

    Anyway good shooting and happy new year!

    • Rick Bowden says:

      Hi Bill, good to hear from you. You have a great new website. Looks like we visit many of the same places too. Look me up whenever your next in the Norfolk area.
      Happy new year.

  4. I have now butchered a Lee Seven5 holder to one slot, filed back the excess bolt lengths to make sure I don’t scratch glass with them when adding/removing and slightly cut back the front bar of the filter holder so that if rotating slightly off square it still does not vignette.

    • Rick Bowden says:

      Ah yes I shaved a little off the front bar/slot as well.
      If you have the 10 stop or 6 stop filters, I’ve also found that the foam gasket appears in image corners. So I’ve removed a piece of foam from each corner with a craft knife and it’s much better now.

  5. syukri shah says:

    Great info Rick!

    Currently I am using seven5 Lee system too for my XT1. I am searching for Lee ND 0.9 but everywhere around my place is out of stock.

    Can a Cokin P series filter ND8 fit in into the Lee Holder? I might take Cokin as alternative (although there are complains about colour cast)?

    • Rick Bowden says:

      The coin P series filters will not fit into the Lee Seven5 holder as they are too big (80mm vs Lee’s 75mm).
      I find that the Cokin filters have too much of a magenta cast for my liking.
      I used to use HiTech filters with my Canon gear and they seemed OK but the Fuji sensor seemed to be more sensitive to magenta and I got a cast with the HiTech filters also which is why I switched to Lee.

      • syukri shah says:

        Yes, just found out that Cokin P is about 84mm square vs Lee Seven5 is 75mm*90mm.

        If adjusting the magenta white balance it will still produce colour cast?

        Have you ever use Hoya? Hitech vs Hoya, are they comparable to the same level?

  6. Tim Kuypers says:

    Thanks for this post, it has been extremely useful!! I still have a question though:

    How did you deal with the reflections of letters on the front of the lens?


  7. Hi, Richard. I’m going through this dilemma, I sold my Fuji 14mm and bought 10-24mm for landscape photos. I have the Lee 4×4 system and I always use it with two filters, a big stopper and a grad, but I’m thinking of switching to Sevn 5. The perfon is: you already made use with a polarizer embedded directly in the lens, instead of the Lee polarizer ?

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